Ishuk Gautam

Nobel Education Foundation was more like a best-friend than a consultancy for me. From the moment I decided to apply to the University of Adelaide, they were there with a clear plan. They broke down the application process into simple steps, which made everything less overwhelming. I knew exactly what documents I needed, and they helped me prepare them all. But their help didn’t stop with just the paperwork. They understood that moving to Australia was a big step for me. So they offered advice on things like finding a good place to live and how to get comfortable with Australian culture. They made sure I was ready to not just study there, but to live there too. For anyone in Nepal dreaming of studying abroad, Nobel Education Foundation is the team you want on your side. They don’t just open the door to your education; they help you step through it and get settled in. That’s why I can’t recommend them enough. They make big dreams a reality

Ishuk Gautam

University of Adelaide

Master of Business Analytics


Anisha Thapaliya